Blue Turtle Roofing is Marin County’s first eco-friendly roofing company, specializing in the most advanced, efficient and cost-effective roofing solutions, for your home, apartment, office and commercial buildings.

With our unique ‘Cool Roof System’, your air conditioning costs can be reduced up to 50%!

Our experience spans over 25 years in surface protection & beautification – now offering the most advanced products & technologies to help neutralize your roof surface for lower utility costs and longer-lasting roofs. On the larger scale, a cooler roof is one of the ways we can contribute to lowering greenhouse emissions.

Our reputation for customer satisfaction, quality, friendly service, ethical pricing & professionalism is well known in Marin County and greater California. Our dedication to lowering your cost of living while contributing to a better environment is our serious focus.

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Common Roof Types & Services

Blue Turtle Roofing looks at your roof – it’s type, construction and the best way to treat it – in a methodical and economic manner. Below is a description of most common types of roofs, typical problems encountered and most effective solution for a Cool Roof.

Foam Roofs

Many foam roofs fail. Failures are often caused by improper top-coating, inaccurate material mix and breakdowns from the U.V. (ultra violet) rays of the sun. We repair damaged areas with the WetSuit coating or if the foam is in good shape apply two layers of the highest quality heat reflective elastomeric coating. You no longer have to accept only white as your only roof color choice. Our “Cool Roof” system comes in a variety of colors.

“This stuff really does the trick. Foam isn’t the easiest roof to maintain and this is a great way to maintain them.” – Fine Home Building | spraying foam

Cap Sheet Roofs

Cap sheet roofs are not usually a “Cool Roof” and tend to leak at their joints. Badly weathered and worn cap sheet roofs, can be renewed using our state of the art wetsuit system and elastomeric top coats. Not only will our system protect your original cap sheeting, it will save you money on energy bills and make you eligible for a PG & E rebate. In addition, Blue Turtle Roofing reduces tear off costs and you get a “Cool Roof” system for a fraction of the cost of a new roof; with 10and 15 year warranties from the manufacturers.

“Really goes a long way when it comes to battling weather conditions and application was a breeze.” – WiseGeek | Cap Sheets

Galv-Alum Roofs

We have one of the few solutions for these roofs. The usual remedy for Galv-Alum roofs is to paint them. Painting doesn’t solve problems with leaks. With our system — we clean the roof, re-screw using metal pan screws to properly secure the metal, seal all joints and then coat the metal with our WetSuit, asphalt neoprene system. It’s followed by a next generation, heat reflective, elastomeric coating which creates a practically new roof system.

“We have used Blue Turtle Roofing’s Neptune Coatings on many occasions for our metal roof repairs. Our customers have been happy and so have we, two thumbs up from us!” – Dillons | tulsa metal roofing

Aluminum Coated Roofs

Aluminum coated roofs was an attempt to create a cool reflective roof that hasn’t been a successful solution. These roofs aren’t cool and don’t reflect much heat. The product is malodorous and has limited durability.

With these types of roof, we help solve high utility bills by creating a “Cool Roof” system. This lowers your energy costs with our durable heat reflective elastomeric coating which come in various color options and gives you eligibility for a PG & E rebate. These come with a manufacturer’s 10 year material warranty.

“Can’t argue results, the products we use from Blue Turtle Roofing has shown to be significantly better at reflecting heat than when not applied.” – National Coatings | downside to aluminum

Tar & Gravel Roofs

Tar and gravel is the old school solution for a flat roof. It is malodorous, heavy and toxic to apply. Over time, it cracks and creates leaks which leads to continual maintenance to try and stop the leaks. The WetSuit system is a flexible, monolithic, zero V.O.C. asphalt neoprene coating that bonds well to tar and gravel. Combined with our next generation heat reflective, elastomeric coatings, a renewable and watertight cool roof solution is produced.

“Have found these products to be much more effective than others we have tried on market. This stuff really works.” – Superior Roofing site

Concrete Tile Roofs

Concrete tile roofs were considered a lifetime product but now have many lawsuits due to tile finish failure. When mildew and mold appear, it is a “red flag” sign the concrete tiles are acting like sponges collecting water. We can renew these roofs using the state of the art heat reflective thermoplastic coating systems.

The products we use have a high heat emissivity and cross-linking to produce a high adhesion. They are also hard, dirt shedding, breathable and Title 24 compliant. By renewing your roof, at a fraction of the cost of tear off and tile replacement, you get a new looking roof that’s heat reflective and beautiful.

“Not the most common type of roof anymore, but with the help of these products and methods it seems to be a much easier sell to our customers.” St Charles Roofing reviews

“Concrete roofs were designed to last longer than any other materials on the market and Blue Turtle Roofing has taken that one step further with their product. Great Work!” – Modernize | Concrete Tile