Our Process

Blue Turtle Roofing is the first Bay Area Green Certified Roofing Company that specializes in creating Cool Roofs.

Using state-of-the-art energy efficient roofing solutions, we customize money-saving Cool Roof heat-reflective systems for your home or business. Our instant-cure, flexible and seamless roof coatings, featuring heat-reflective elastomeric coatings come in a variety of attractive colors.

Going green doesn’t mean you have to limit your choices when it comes to style or colors. Our selection of coatings are sure to match whatever current system you have installed.

All materials are Class A self-extinguishing fire-rated, and produce no odors, fumes or V.O.C. s.

Step 1: Inspection & Analysis

We measure, inspect, photograph, check roof drainage and attic ventilation, then present you a photographic & written Report of your roof.

Step 2: Roof Repairs

We tear out any dry rot, check the strength of the decking, repair flashings, replace rotten wood and restore the condition of your roof.

Step 3: Roof Cleaning

We remove any gravel, dirt and sediment, and powerwash the roof to ensure maximum adhesion of new roofing system.

Step 4: Ventilation Upgrade

We replace worn screens, then install efficient mechanical attic vents and energy-saving solar venting fans where needed.

Step 5: Apply Cool Roof System

We seal the entire roof with the seamless flexible ‘Wetsuit® System’ to insulate your structure and help reduce cooling costs.

Step 6: Apply Protective Finishes

We coat the roof with a special heat-reflective elastomeric coating, available in a broad range of colors. Our products carry a minimum 15-year guarantee.

More Testimonials

“Thanks for adding beauty and value to our homes, saving us thousands of dollars by restoring rather than replacing the tile roofs…”

— Tom Holmes (Board President) Sessions Rise Home Owners Assoc.

“Our home is usually unbearable during hot weather. After the analysis from Blue Turtle Roofing we opted to go for the Cool Roof System. The combination coatings over our existing roof with a solar fan and larger vents in our attic has made a huge difference, to the temperature and the cooling bill…Thank you all at Blue Turtle Roofing!”

— Carol Lehrer, Santa Rosa California