The ‘Cool Roof’ Advantage

Our products are carefully selected for their eco-friendly qualities, as well as tough, long-lasting coverage. These support our ‘Cool Roof’ heat-reflection systems for each individual building or home. Blue Turtle Roofing is a certified applicators of the revolutionary ‘WetSuit’ roofing range, as well as heat-reflective elastomeric top coatings that increase durability and deliver dramatic energy savings.

Blue Turtle Roofing strives for ENERGY SAVINGS! Our products are lightweight with excellent adhesion to virtually all roof surfaces. This avoids costly roof tear-off, reducing installation costs and environmental impact. Air conditioning costs can be reduced up to 50%!

Our Eco-Friendly Roofing Products Are:

  • Water-based, instant/adjustable cure
  • Seamless waterproofing membrane coatings
  • Spray applied, requiring no flashing and no chemical or mechanical fastening
  • Non-toxic and UV stable, with no odors, fumes, solvents or V.O.C.’s (volatile organic compounds).
  • Low pressure, cold spray applied
  • Non-flammable, so job hazards, solvents and heavy equipment, are eliminated
  • State-of-the-art seamless flexible coating system.

In addition, products have a Class A, self-extinguishing fire rating and in the State of California some insurance carriers will consider policy premium reductions on an individual basis. Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has also launched a residential ‘Cool Roof Rebate Program’ to support further savings. Visit for more information.

Manufacturers Include:

Neptune Coatings – WetSuit range
The Ultimate Coatings Company – Eco-Therm and Thermo-Seal
Cyclone – Solar-Powered Venting Fans
XeroFlor – Organic Foliage Roofing

Technical Notes

With the recent rising of “thermal loading” of the suns’ ultra-violet and infra-red wavelengths onto traditional roofing materials, energy costs have increased. California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards – Title 24, in effect since October 2005, has established requirements of new efficiency standards for roofs, walls and openings on non-residential properties. It applies to new construction and most re-roofing jobs, i.e., low-slope roofs and re-roofing jobs are required to be “Cool Roofs”. Title 24 defines a Cool Roof as having:

  • Solar reflectivity of 0.70 or greater (initial value), and
  • Thermal emissivity of 0.75 or greater (initial value).
  • Both values are required to be rated values under the Cool Roof Ratings Council (CRRC) Ratings program, CRRC-1. (See full description at
  • Title 24 mandates energy-saving efficiency management of heat influx and outflow. Residential standards will be in effect by 2008.
  • Blue Turtle Roofing products comply with Title 24 standards for solar reflectivity and thermal emissivity requirements.
  • All completed WetSuit jobs done in 2007 come with our 3 year maintenance warranty.

Blue Turtle Roofing is committed to a triple bottom-line… Your bills reduce, the environment benefits, and we get the satisfaction of another happy customer!